Project 365 - Day 7

I could not get her to stop moving, let alone stop wiggling her tooth for this picture. She's been saying for about a year now that she wants a loose tooth - but I kept telling her that she probably wouldn't lose one until 1st grade since she's so young. Today during dance she bounced over and announced that her tooth was loose and I tried to argue with her. "Just feel it!" So, I did and WOW she has a loose tooth. My eyes got all watery and all I could think was, "But those teeth just came in."

That little tooth that is loose is actually her very first tooth. It popped up on March 8, 2005, followed on the 15th by its neighbor.

I'm not ready for all this change.


Elaine said…
Awwww..that's so sweet!! :) Good luck with the tooth and fairy! :)

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