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Conkerr Cancer Pillowcase

My friend, Amy, and I have been teaching a sewing class for the elementary-aged kids at church over the past three weeks.  This week they will finish making their very own pillowcases and also have the opportunity to make a second case to donate to the Conkerr Cancer Pillowcase Program at a local hospital.  I made a pillowcase today to donate to a student of mine who is in the hospital with cancer.  It was really easy to make using the "roll-up" method.  Here's how it's done.

Pre-step - wash all fabric before cutting/sewing
Step 1 - Cut main fabric to 41" x 27" and iron
Step 2 - Cut accent (cuff) fabric to 41" x 10" and iron

I finished off the case with French seams on the side and bottom to keep all the raw edges enclosed. (Here is a great tutorial on how to do a French seem by Coletterie.)  But, you can can simply sew the right sides together and serge, zigzag stitch, or trim/press the edges.  From start to finish it took me less than an hour, a…

RDS Recital 2012

Today was our 3rd Robin's Dance Studio recital (Chloe's 6th recital and Bradley's 3rd).  I had to do the mother/son dance with Bradley since I kinda sorta forced Mike to dance with Chloe last year.  Not too much foresight there, huh? But, the kids all did great and much fun was had by all. 

Bluebonnets 2012

This year we brought the Cousins along for our annual Texas Bluebonnet pictures.  

No more curls

Bradley has always had long, curly hair and he's always been proud of it.  But, lately some rotten boys at school have been teasing him, so he has been begging me for a hair cut.  Today, I finally gave in and only cried a tiny bit as he got his first real haircut.  He is an absolute doll, but it's going to take me a while to get used to his new look.

Meet Rosie

Turns out Rocky was lonely.  So, at Repticon (really) Chloe chose a little friend for him - Rosie. She was born in October and is a Tequila corn snake.  Let's just hope they remain a family of only two.

Meet Rocky

We are now the proud owners of a new pet - Rocky, the baby corn snake.  He will get to be about 5 feet long, live for 20 years, and eat mice.  He will live in my daughter's room and she could not be happier.  Anyone want to come over and play?


Here's Chloe with her cookies all ready for delivery Still need to order? Give us a call! :)
Huge thanks to everyone who ordered! We'll see you soon!

DIY Speeder

Just Bradley racing through Endor after Storm Troopers on his homemade speeder. Jam their comlink. Center switch!

What's That Smell?

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed a t-shirt from my closet and when I put it on I actually gasped and said out loud, "Good God, what is that smell?" I quickly realized it was me and I had a moment of panic, but then realized it wasn't really me - it was just the t-shirt. I jumped right back to freaking out, though, because seriously why did my t-shirt freaking smell like funk? Yucky footy dirty feetsy funk. Because I am pretty bright I deduced that my t-shirt had the horrific aroma of Man Foot because it had been hanging right next to the shelf upon which my husband puts his shoes. Stank. Contagious stank. {seriously, UGH}
After I overreacted and washed all my clothes within a few yards of his shoes, I set to the task of dealing with the source of the problem. Boys are so gross, but I can't do anything about that. Which left the shoes. Now, I know Man Foot is nasty, so I've bought all those fancy inserts and gels and such for my husband's shoes. He&…

Lights Out

About five minutes into our Girl Scout meeting tonight the power suddenly went out (the weather wasn't bad or anything) and not a single one of the 16 girls there panicked or screamed or squeeled! (These are 1st and 2nd graders (Daisies and Brownies), y'all.)

I turned on the flashlight on my phone, and asked them if we had any flashlights in our Camp Kit. One girl excitedly told us that we did, because she had brought them. So, my co-leader went to get them. I told the girls not to worry and one little voice said, "It's okay - I have my buddy." I scanned my flashlight phone around the room and each girl had the hand of a girl next to her. And no one was scared. They didn't get all silly or goofy, and they were ready to continue their meeting.

My co-leader got a bunch of candles lit and for the majority of the rest of our 1.5 hour long meeting, our crazy cool girls met all of their objectives for the evening by candlelight and flashlight.

They worked, sang…

Tech Family

I came home from the gym today to find my family lounging about...

Glued to their technology.

Removing Glitter Nail Polish

The holidays are over, and I think it's time to move on from my ultra glitter nail polish! Have you tried Sally Hansen's Gem Crush polish? Talk about bling! It's great because the glitter doesn't just float around and clump up like most glitter polishes - it's full coverage with micro glitter and larger glitter chunks. (Costs around $7-$8 at the drug store, but I found it on sale with a $2.5o off coupon at my local grocery store before Christmas.)
I did mine in the red Cha-Ching for Christmas and then did the Lady Luck for New Years. But, it was starting to chip and flake, so it had to go.

Now, if you've ever used glitter nail polish (and if you haven't, do you want me to do your nails?) you know that getting it off can be a massive pain. Usually you have to scrub and scrub until you are sore! But, here's the easy way to manage it...
First, you need some basic things which you probably already have: Foil, acetone polish remover, and cotton balls. Y…

The Laundry Room Make-over (a work in progress)

We've been in our house for four years and the laundry room has always bugged me. It was the plain basic flat white done by the builder and that paint is really bad about collecting dust. It's always a battle: me vs. the dust creature army (and I usually retreat in terror). So, on Friday I saw that the paint was on sale, found a great color and started my project. I always forget to take "before" shots, but here are some pictures...

This is my first "test" of the paint color. I was trying to decide whether or not to do the whole room the blue (Bermuda Bay by Glidden) or to just do an accent wall and then do the rest of the walls a lighter color. But, I found this great website (House of Turquoise) that has samples of all kinds of amazing turquoise rooms and I saw plenty of rooms smaller than mine done beautifully. My laundry room is only 9' by 6.5', but it has 9' ceilings, so that really opens up the space and I figured it could handle the…