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For folks not on FB...

Here's my little guy singing:

He doesn't care that it's May and no where near Christmas time. :)

6 x 6 Recipe Card

Sadly, our monthly recipe card club fizzled out after Hurricane Ike soaked most of the members. But, I still like making them. If anyone is interested in joining a recipe card swap club, let me know! I'd be willing to get the club up and running.

Here is a card I made to share with my SU! gals - the girls who are all 1st level recruits with my upline. We did a demo day at her house and this is the project I brought for them to make. :)

That little lemon slice pulls out another card with the frosting recipe. :)

Fairy Princess Invitations

Chloe will be five (5!) June 30th and she has been saying for months that she wants a fairy princess party. I couldn't find a fairy princess stamp, though. Plenty of princesses and a lot of fairies... So, I had to make my own.

I used the princess from the retired SU! set Pretty Princess and I drew in the wings to turn her into a fairy. The frog is by Inkadinkado and I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby. I colored everything with my SU! markers, of course. Here's a close-up:

I used Dazzling Diamonds on her wings, wand, and crown. I think she turned out pretty cute. Now I've got to work out the wording for the back.

I hope you dance

Seriously - I hope Chloe actually dances today in her recital! It will be her 3rd recital - the first one was when she was 2, and she just walked off the stage without doing a thing. Last year she danced, though, and I hope she will have fun and do well. Here she is backstage during dress rehearsal on Thursday - I brought our portable DVD players so that the kids would have something to do between dances. Her group had one tap and one ballet routine.

And here she is waiting backstage before her tap routine.

I'm sure she'll do fine - she did great during the rehearsal. I can't wait to see them! :)

A Fish Tale

Bradley loves to go fishing. We took the kids fishing for the first time last October and they had a blast. Since then Bradley asks to go several times a week, but we just haven't had the time. Today my brother, Matt, and Mike decided to take the kids out for a couple of hours of fishing fun.

We live in a pretty large master planned community with a ton of lakes, creeks, ponds, and streams. We even have access to a major river system! But, the kids are content with a little lake that connects to the bigger river by way of some calm streams. :)

Within the first 10 minutes of casting off, Chloe saw a splash and then her pole got "heavy." The guys had to help her reel it in - but she pulled it up out of the water herself. My brother got it off the hook and Chloe tried to hold it, but it was too wiggly. She told me, "I pet him and he wagged his tail." Mike let him go and he swam quickly away from Chloe, who wanted to keep him in a bowl.

Here is Chloe, age 4…

Sprinkler season has arrived

Today we celebrated Mother's Day a bit early - I made a huge tostada bar dinner and my mom came over with my sister's kiddos. The kids ran around in the sprinklers for about 40 minutes and had a blast. Poor Chloe only had this suit from last year which barely covered her chachas. And Bradley's trunks were actually too big - I had bought them at the end of the season thinking he would grow into them by this year. We'll have to go shopping soon because the neighborhood pools are open now and they are dying to go swimming.

Chloe is starting to actually pose for pictures - for so many years she would just get all emo and pout when I had the camera out. We are entering the Princess Phase and it's so much fun! :)

Bradley, of course, has always loved the camera. He's such a little ham - he's always asking me to go get the camera and take his picture. Here he is showing me his muscles. :)

I can't wait for summer break!!

Conversations with Bradley

Bradley asks ALL the time what things are made out of; he's incredibly curious.

Bradley: Mommy, what are monkeys made out of?

Me: Um. Monkeys are animals. They are made of all kinds of things - bones, skin, fur...

Bradley: Yeah.

Me: What are YOU made out of?

Bradley: Kid!

First Cherry of the Season

Yum!! We have a little cherry tree that is covered in green cherries - but this is the first ripe one of the year. Chloe and I shared it and it was deliciously sweet and tangy. I can't wait to make cherry pie!

National Scrapbooking Month Specials!

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