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Still waiting...

Well, my computer is still not working - so I'm updating from Mike's laptop. He's going to work on it today, so then hopefully I can get caught up on my card posting, because I have a TON of cute stuff to share! :)

Happy Birthday, Bradley Allen.

It doesn't even seem possible that it has already been four years since my sweet little boy was born. How did he go from this...

to this...
to this...

to this...

to this...

Before I could even realize that my little baby was a toddler, and now a rough and tumble boy-child?

He's always been my little cuddle bug - and now more than ever I cherish all the hugs and kisses he offers because it won't be long before he won't want to be seen with his mom, let alone smother her with kisses.

He's a gentle child, always trying to help others and caring so much about everyone. I hope he never loses those qualities.

He's funny and clever and loves to laugh. And, oh, the sound of his laughter! He brings me out of dark moods quicker than a shot of serotonin!

I cannot imagine my life without him - my little miracle of a child.

Mama loves you from here to forever, Bradley-boy. Happy birthday!

Down on the Farm

We spent the day at Dewberry Farm yesterday, and had a blast as always. It's been a tradition for a while now - check out pics from previous years here. It was WAY more crowded this year than every before, though, so if you are going to head out I highly recommend you buy your tickets online ahead of time. We pack lunch and the kids eat the car because even the lines for food are crazy. This year the wait for one turkey leg was over 30 minutes!

Here's Bradley on the tractor - his favorite part of the experience:

We went through the Corn Maze for the first time ever and it started out fun... with Mike in the lead we made it to the center of the maze and the lookout tower pretty quickly.

But then we tried to rely on Mike to get us out. Yeah.

So, I had to take over the lead and I got us out after Mike had led us back to the center THREE times. Scenic route and such. Gah! What IS it with men and directions? :)

We finally made it out to the actual patch, and the kids all had a g…

Hello, Daisy!

Chloe is officially a Daisy Girl Scout. :)