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Get your cookies here!

It's Girl Scout Cookie season again and I thought I'd make a cookie costume for Chloe to wear when she sells/delivers/etc. I just kind of sketched out my idea and went for it. I think it came out really cute. But, I'll have to see what she thinks! (I think I might be entering the era of "why, mom, why?" soon.)
I used my Cricut to cut the letters out of felt and the rest of it is a sateen material for that shiny chocolate coating. :)

Triple Chocolate Trifle

For my husband's birthday I made him a trifle. I always wondered why they are called trifles when "trifle" means a little bit of something and these bad boys are chock full of stuff. :)
This one has the following layers, from the bottom up:
fudge brownie raspberries fudge cherries dark chocolate pudding German chocolate cake chocolate mousse strawberries

I can never keep my trifle layers all nice and defined, but I don't think anyone cares! :)

Happy New Year!

I hope 2011 brings you blessings! Time to get this rowdy group to bed!