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Birthday RAKs!

My birthday is Sunday and I'm just glad that the weather is nice. Last year my birthday got Iked - so this year I'm happy to spend the day with my family in the calm. This week, though, has been far from that. Everyone has been sick - Mike started it. The day after he brought home the Zeke he went to bed for 4 days. He went to the doctor on the 1st, and it's a good thing - because it turned out he had the flu. He was quarantined which left me to raise children and creatures alone. The gerbils are easy, but the puppy and children require considerably more care. :)

Mike was sick all last week, and had barely begun to recover when Chloe came down with her first bout of upper respiratory junk of the season and she had to miss her first 1/2 day of school for a doctor's appointment. Then last weekend I started in with the flu-like symptoms, just in time for my niece's 2nd Birthday Party - which was at our house! All this week has been pretty much miserable, thank …