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AKA Birthday Card

One of my friends at work is an AKA girl and her office has a ton of pink and green, so I had to make her birthday card in her favorite colors. :)

The card stock, ribbon, and glitter (Dazzling Diamonds) are Stampin' Up! and I cut the shapes and layers with my Cricut Straight From the Nest and Elegant Edges carts.

First Day of School 2011

I got this idea from Zoot and I love it! A new first day of school tradition has begun. The kids worked on them last week and were pretty excited to show them off. I still can't believe how big they are.

Daddy walking them to the building.

Chloe did great - she gets to sit at the same table as one of her Girl Scout sisters. She was all, "Mom, you can leave now." Whatever! But Bradley, on the other hand... I wasn't prepared for him to cry. He had been in private pre-school and pre-k, he knew his teacher (she was Chloe's kinder teacher and he wanted to be in her class badly), he had a friend in the class, too. But, he cried and whispered for me not to leave him. So, of course, I had to desperately fight back my own tears. We had quite the puddle of sadness going on before Daddy swooped in to make everything better. Then I had to rush off to my own campus all raccoon-eyed to welcome my own students back. Tomorrow will be better, right?


I took this picture of Bradley bouncing in a moon walk and I just had to share. :)

Teacher Gift

I made a whole bunch of these to give to the kids' new teachers in a few weeks (still cannot believe the summer is nearly over). I used my Cricut and the Doodlecharms cart for the shapes (except for the pencil that's an original design). Card stock, ribbon, designer paper, and punches are all Stampin' Up!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Today Chloe ran up to me all excited. She had been playing with my punches (which can keep her busy for over an hour) and she brought me this:

She exclaimed, "I made a Mexican hat with two heart punches!" Gotta love it! :)