First Day of School 2011

I got this idea from Zoot and I love it! A new first day of school tradition has begun. The kids worked on them last week and were pretty excited to show them off. I still can't believe how big they are.

Daddy walking them to the building.

Chloe did great - she gets to sit at the same table as one of her Girl Scout sisters. She was all, "Mom, you can leave now." Whatever! But Bradley, on the other hand... I wasn't prepared for him to cry. He had been in private pre-school and pre-k, he knew his teacher (she was Chloe's kinder teacher and he wanted to be in her class badly), he had a friend in the class, too. But, he cried and whispered for me not to leave him. So, of course, I had to desperately fight back my own tears. We had quite the puddle of sadness going on before Daddy swooped in to make everything better. Then I had to rush off to my own campus all raccoon-eyed to welcome my own students back. Tomorrow will be better, right?


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