If you give a crafter a stamp...

If you give a crafter a stamp,
she's going to ask for an ink pad.

When you give her the ink pad, she'll probably ask you for some card stock.

When she's finished, she'll ask for a paper cutter.

Then she'll want to cut more card stock to make sure her card has several pretty layers.

When she cuts more card stock, she might notice her image needs some color.

So she'll probably ask for some markers.

When she's finished coloring her image, she'll want a sponge to ink the edges.

She'll start inking.

She might get carried away and ink every piece of card stock on the table.

She may even end up inking some designer paper as well!

When she's done, she'll probably want to add some embellishments.

You'll have to give her a box of ribbon, eyelets, and the Crafter's Tool Kit.

She'll dig in, tie some ribbon and pierce the paper a few times.

She'll probably need some adhesives.

So you'll get her some glue and tape, and she'll ask for some bling.

You'll bring her some Dazzling Diamonds.

When she looks at the glitter,
she'll get so excited she'll want to use
it on her card. She'll ask for some 2-way glue.

She'll add glitter liberally.

When the card is finished, she'll want to add a sentiment.

With a stamp.

Then she'll want to take a picture of the card to share on her blog.

Which means she'll need a camera.

She'll take a picture of her card and stand back to look at it.

Looking at the card will remind her that she needs to send a RAK.


She'll ask for an ink pad.

And chances are if she asks for an ink pad,
She's going to want a stamp to go with it.

(Parody based on the brilliant "If you give..." books by Laura Numeroff.)


Anonymous said…
Having a 7 year old who reads, "If you give a pig a pancake..", I loved today's entry. The fact that I've been stamping for 20 years and still need "stuff" also helped. :) Love your bolg. tfs
Lorie said…
Absolutely LOVE this post...so cute! And the card...SO CUTE!!!!
Anonymous said…
This is fantastic! If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is one of our favorite books!!! Excellent post!
Anonymous said…
This is so cute! I loved it. Thanks for sharing!!!
Alhambra Club said…
This is adorable, and so is your card.
Vicki Chrisman said…
Oh... you are so RIGHT on this!
Thanks for coming by my blog also! Vicki
Marlou McAlees said…
This is adorable!! what a great name you chose for your beautiful card. Thanks for stopping by x
Kristina Lewis said…
This is so clever! And I *heart* the card! Wow!!
Anonymous said…
LOVE your If You Give a Mouse a Cookie parody! :-) Your stamping is gorgoeus as well--so glad to have seen your site!
Morning Glory68 said…
Just love the "If you give a..." books! What a clever way to show off an adorable card! :)
Andrea, said…
Brilliant. Love the card you have made.
mum-on-the-run said…
Great post, just love your card!!
Michele Kovack said…
How clever this post is! You should write this down...what a cute story based on the "If you give a Mouse a Cookie!" This card is soooooo cute!!!!
Unknown said…
Totally cute, the card too. I love the way you colored the zebra, reminds me of funstripe gum.
Karen Lindsay said…
What a fun tutorial! What a cute card! Thank you for a little sunshine in my day. :)

tolemommy said…
I love it! As a kindergarten teacher, I can so relate for both my professional and my "other" personality! Great work!
Fabulous post & gorgeous design.
Juliana said…
This is so clever not only the adorable card--but the awesome presentation!!

I loved this so much, I posted your link on my blog! Too funny!
Rose Ann said…
This is so very cute! And I love your card as well!!
Anonymous said…
that was too funny ... and right on! cute card too!
Morning Glory68 said…
I've nominated you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger! Come visit my blog for more info.

Keep Stampin'
Sheri said…
This was SO cute! My 2 and a half year old daughter LOVES "If You Give a Mouse A Cookie"; I personally am more partial to your version! ;)

Thanks for the creativity, and love the card you made with it! :)
Elaine said…
Oh how clever and fun!!!
Liene said…
I came across your blog looking for fellow stampers and must say I loved this. But I am also a mom to an almost 4-yr old boy who loves the books, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin", "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", "If you Throw a Pig a Party"...I think you get the drift. Very clever on your part.

Thanks for the great blog!

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