Now I'm back...from outer space...

July has been a BUSY month for us, and I don't think I was really quite ready for it!! :)

In addition to the quilting, Harry Potty Movie 5/Book 7, and the continuing war with the Dust Bunnies, I got sick at the end of the week last week and had a not-so-hot weekend. Plus, it has been raining here in Houston. I mean RAINING - like, when the sun peeks through the clouds we jump around in glee and have wild parties. Or something like that.

Even though I've been under the weather (get it!?) I HAVE been stamping. I made the invitations for my little sister's baby shower...

First the shower was going to be all girlie, but then she wanted a couples shower, and then she changed it to a family shower. Yeah. So, this was the THIRD and oh-so-final design. Simple, since I had to make 40 of them!! (obviously I removed the date/location info for here - everyone else won't see a strange blank space). I used Pretty in Pink, Basic Black, and Almost Amethyst card stock. The photo is original (something I play around with), so no need to worry about copyright.

I got all the cards in the mail and was feeling quite proud of myself when I realized that OH MY GOSH! I had forgotten to include the little insert with the registry information and "bring a book instead of a card poem"!! YIKES!

So, I had to make another little note and I mailed those's what I wrote:

While crafting and stamping invitations galore,
I hurried to get them in time out the door.

In my haste I forgot one important detail,
so with apologies please accept some more mail.

These little cards will help you shop 'til you drop,
for things Erin will needs once she pops!

And one more thing, please take a look,
Alyssa Joyce would love your favorite story book.

Keep Erin and Alyssa in your thoughts and prayers,
and get ready for the shower - can't wait to see you there!

What do you think?

I have been dreadfully negligent in visiting YOUR blogs in the past 7 days, but I promise I'll visit over the next few days. I have a stamp camp this Saturday I have to finish getting ready for (if you are in the Houston area and want to come, let me know!).

***** BLOG CANDY: No one had guessed the info yet! Keep trying! I want to send it out!! :)


Heather P. said…
I think it turned out great! I LOOOOVE that photo, just precious!
What a fantastic page! WOW!
Elaine said…
Those ROCK!!!! I wish I had you do my announcements years ago!! That would have been the only time my belly could be shown! LOL I bet the kids will all love looking at these for many many years to come!
Unknown said…
Very cute, poem and invites!!

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