Tagged to Toot

I was tagged by Cheryl of Engineered Expressions to toot my own horn - which I am really not very good at, but I will give it a shot. :) (BTW, go check out her site - she has some nice layouts!)

1. I am really good at my job - I'm a special education teacher specialized in behaviorism and working with students with all levels of autism. I LOVE it!! I write fantastic behavior plans. :)

2. I have a phenomenal memory - it drives my husband crazy!

3. I can crochet and like making baby blankets.

4. I have naturally rosy cheeks and seldom wear blush.

5. I love to sing (notice: did not say CAN sing) and as such know a ton of songs. I know more kids songs than anyone I've ever met. It's great fun for my own kids, niece, newphew, and my students. I can pretty much think of a song for any subject - so they love to test me.

6. I am pretty computer literate (I code my own family blog) and have done some nice banners and such for people. This is one of my favorites:

7. I have been an SU! demo since the end of November 2006 (literally - like the 2nd to last day!) and I already have one person in my downline (Hi, Holly!) and I've passed the $6,000 mark in sales!

Wow! Okay, now I have to tag people... I'm going to call out these gals because I think they are quite sweet and talented and I want to learn more about them. :)

1. Kristine (Ink Something!)
2. Kate (Expresso Yourself)
3. Ana (Ink A Stamp)
4. Ally (Ally's Inky Hugs) (when she's all moved in, of course!!)
5. Lorie (Live-Love-Laugh)
6. Dawn (Dawn's Stamping Thoughts)

Can't wait to see their toots! (Sorry if you've already been tagged!) If anyone else wants to play, that's fine, too. I got tired of posting links. Lazy, huh?

(Don't forget about the BLOG CANDY offer down below!)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for tagging me girlie .. Seems I have been taged a couple times today so I better get on with my answers soon before I get put in taggers Jail J.K :-)
Thanks so much for tagging me your a sweetie pie ..

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