...I'm so BUSY, my head is spinnin'!

The summer is winding down and my list of Things I Will Surely Get Done This Summer Because I Get The Whole Summer Off And I Cannot Possibly Not Get Them Done is barely dented. But, I've done so many other amazing things (I should put them on my list just so I can feel that rush I get from crossing something off!!!).

Exhibit A:

I'm learning to quilt! I've been wanting to learn for ages, and I finally just jumped right in. Yes, this is a SIMPLE pattern (Rolling off a Log) (Don't you just love the names of quilt patterns?), but I'm doing it! Well, my mommy is helping me! (Remember, I really don't much like sewing. Or ironing. Turns out you need lots of both for quilting. We've added a border (all on our own - NOT part of the pattern! w00t!) and now we are working on the backing. It's so going to rock.

See, at the end of June we found out that my daughter (3) is red/green color deficient - she can't see them. So, red, green, and all the colors made from them (PINK!) look kind of like different swampy browns. Blue is her favorite color - with good reason! I knew I wanted to make her a blanket with daisies on a blue background and when I found the fabric I knew I had to make a quilt. And that is why I have a colony of dust bunnies forming an army under my bed. (They are strong against those who overuse parenthetical commentating!) Glee!

Exhibit B:

I've been stamping! And also scrapbooking! (I shall glue the bunnies down and sprinkle them with Dazzling Diamonds!)

This card was for a challenge to copy a card from one of the SU! Inspiration Sheets. I changed the colors and stamps and such (because you know I have to!) but the layout is basically the same. I used Cameo Coral - though it looks strangely pink in this picture. I think I'll give some Blog Candy to the first person who can tell me which Inspiration Sheet I used and how I changed the card (stamps/CS/etc). I'll post a picture of the candy later today. I'll keep the contest running until I get the right answer. Spread the word and the love!


Heather P. said…
You're doing a great job with that quilt! My mom gave me a sewing machine for my birthday last year, and it's still sitting in the box. LOL I ~plan~ on taking it out and using it once I get some time. :)
Unknown said…
Love that card!
The dustbunnies will wait for ya.
I wanted to learn to quilt too, but it requires some sort of straight and measuring, neither of which I am any good at! lol
Kristina Lewis said…
Love the card!! I wish I could sew! You are multi-talented!
Cheryl KVD said…
Ok, I looked through all the sheets I have and couldn't find it. So I searched ebay! I found one that looks like it, but can't see the photo too well. I think it is from Fun Filled. The original colors were red, blue and green and had a tag. You didn't use the fun filled stamps either. Thanks!
Cheryl KVD
OHHH...that's such a great challenge Abra!! But I'll never win as I don't own ANY inspiration sheets!! :) Lol. Oh well. Love your quilt!! I entered my first sewn apron in our county fair this year. It won first prize. Hadn't sewn anything in 8 years! Then I entered 8 cards...got 4 first places and 4 second places. Anywho...great job on both these.
Elaine said…
I am going to guess on the line as the inspiration sheet that you used....I hope that's right! :)

The quilt is sooooo charming! My son and daughter both cherish their quilts that I made when they were babies. Kids are so lucky to have good parents that care so much!
Fe-Fe said…
I love this card. The swirls are great. Very pretty.

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