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Merry Christmas!


Simple Sugar Scrub

You know all those fancy salt and sugar scrubs they sell for like $20 for a teeny tub? Forget them! You can make your own and it's REALLY easy. You can find a ton of recipes online for different kinds you can make in bulk (which are great, but sometimes require exotic ingredients like jojoba oil), but mine is even easier! Here's all you do...
Sugar Scrub: 1 tbsp sugar (white or brown) 1 tbsp honey
Pour sugar, then honey onto slightly damp hands. Scrub together. Rinse.
Salt Scrub: 1 tbsp salt 1/2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp or good squeeze of a fresh lemon (optional)
Pour salt, then oil, then lemon onto slightly damp hands. Scrub together. Rinse.
When you scrub be sure to really rub it in to your cuticles and between each finger.

I bet you have all of that just sitting around your kitchen right now, huh?

I didn't know!

I helped my Upline with Stampin' University last weekend and it was a BLAST! Six demonstrators each showcased three different techniques to 45 guests who rotated around the different demo tables. I demonstrated the Magic Snowflake technique (from SS), my own version of making your own Stickles using SU! inks so it matches your projects, and ribbons roses.

I have been making ribbon roses since I was a little girl - my mom taught me when I was like 5 and I've been doing it ever since. I showed some of the gals at one of my scrap clubs how to do them and that's when it occurred to me that no one else knows how to make them so easily! I have an INCREDIBLY easy way to make sweet roses for any project. Here's one of them on a card I did to showcase the technique:

In person it's not as squashed looking - my scanner lid kinda smushed it. But, isn't it cute? You can make them as big or as small as you'd like, depending on the size ribbon or fabric you use. If you'…

Adoption fundraiser!

My friends Aaron and Jamie are adopting a little boy from Haiti. To help cover costs, they are doing a fundraiser - through a special Internet offer you can get magazines for up to 90% off of the cover price AND 40% of your purchase will benefit Aaron and Jamie for their adoption. It’s a great time to get a head start on Holiday shopping! Check out the magazines HERE.

There are over 650 magazines to choose from, but most importantly:

Digital Scrapbooking is 52% off
Memory Makers is 64% off
Paper Crafts is 55% off
Scrapbooks, Etc is 48% off
Simple Scrapbooks is 33% off

I just wanted to spread the word for them. Hope you need a magazine subscription or two. :)

Cute gift card holder

My niece, Alexis, needed to make a gift card holder for a birthday present, so of course I was ready to help. These little holders are REALLY easy to make - Lexi is only eight and she did just fine making this one.

Isn't it cute the way the card slides out with the ribbon? (The ribbon keeps it from falling out of the bottom, too.)I'm sure I'll be making a bunch of these for Christmas!! (With a LOT more embellishments!!!)Don't forget to enter your Miracle for the Blog Candy below!! :)Happy Stamping!Materials (All SU!)
Card stock: Chocolate Chip, Pretty in Pink
Stamps: It's All Good
Ink: Chocolate Chip
Other: Pink Grosgrain Ribbon, 1.25" circle punch, 1/4" circle punch, Sticky Strip, Stampin' Dimensionals, 2-way Glue, Dazzling Diamonds, Paper Piercing Tool, Scallop Circle Punch


I finally got a tidbit of free time to scan all the sweet birthday cards I've received over the past week. I was honestly surprised with each card!! I had NO idea I would be receiving so many card...I didn't even know I would be getting ANY, let alone EIGHT!!

I've had a rough few weeks with work issues and my niece being so sick so these cards were just the thing to brighten up my days. Many, many thanks!! Enjoy the cards, I know I am! (If any of you gals who sent them have blogs you would like me to link to, just email me!!! I'd love to post the address!)

First, here are the cards that I recieved from my own Stampin' Up! group -The TOPICS (Touching Others with Paper, Ink, Creativity, and Stamps!).

First, from Penny, my fabulous Upline!!

This one is from Connie:
This one is from Pam:

This one is from Carolyn:

This is from Trudy:

And this one is from a Mystery Card Brigader - it wasn't signed! Let me know if it's from YOU! :) (It's my son's favorite one!)


Many many thanks!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a birthday card!! I am truly overwhelmed! I've never received so many birthday cards before. I promise to scan them all this weekend and put them here so everyone can see how creative and sweet you all are. {HUGS!}

Stamping, what?

As posted a few days ago, my precious new niece was welcomed into the world on the 27th. And then things got rough... Little Alyssa was in the hospital all last week - she had to be air lifted into Houston from a smaller local hospital. It was terrifying. She was diagnosed with bacterial spinal meningitis at only 8 days old. Last week was rough - we spent a lot of time in prayer and worry for her life. Thank God, she was able to come home on Saturday.

Isn't it amazing how the things that would have normally been Top Priority can be thrown so quickly into perspective when things like this happen? And isn't it wonderful when God works a miracle?

Do YOU believe in miracles? Not just in the big things like this, but little every day miracles... Just making it to the gas station even when the E has been blinking for 2 miles, having the exact amount of change at the tollway, finding a perfect parking place in the rain...

Let's have some Blog Candy!

Tell me about a miracle that happe…

Bye-bye, Ninnies!

It has been past time for our kids to give up their ninnies (pacifiers), but it has been a horrible battle with much bloodshed and tears (mostly from me). So, today we set out to bid farewell to the precious ninnies. We decided to have the kids put their ninnies into Build-a-bear pets so that they could still feel them, but not actually have them. They LOVED it!

They are now the proud owners of Ninny Dog and Ninny Cat.

Let's hope they are this happy tonight when they go to bed ninny-less!


SU! has another great promotion in September! Check it out HERE. With a $30 purchase you can get select sets from the amazing Holiday Collection AND Fall-Winter 2007 Catalog for 30% off. What a great way to get your holiday stamping off to a fantastic start!

While promotions are all fine and dandy, it's way more fun to look at pictures of my new niece. :)

Meet Alyssa Joyce. She was born Monday, August 27th - the first day of school for us. And, yes, she's a natural redhead.

Oh where oh where can she be?

Heather (of the darling blog {Witty Title Here}) emailed me today just to see if I had decided to join an elite monastery of stamping nuns, but alas, I'm just BUSY! Life sometimes just comes at you faster than you realize!! And I *meant* to update, but I felt silly posting without posting SOMETHING stamped!! Sad, huh?

So, here is a stampless, scrapless, promotionless update - just me saying HI, I'm Overwhelmed!

School starts Monday and since our building is new and wasn't finished until the very. Last. Possible. Minute. I didn't get to move in until last week. Yes, just 6 days before school actually starts. And, of course, a good portion of those days were spent in oh-so-exciting inservices. For those who don't know, my job other than Stampin' Up! Demo Extraordinaire is Special Education Teacher - Severe Autism K-2. My building admin folks didn't order me any furniture. Oh, HI, I have no chairs in which to place my students' hinies. Until 3:45 yesterday. …

FREE Ink Pads!

Check out the new promotion Stampin' Up! is offering to people who join the SU! family between August 10th and September 30th!!!

Free Ink Pads with Starter Kit Purchase

What a great time to join SU! - not only do you get all the fantastic rewards of being an SU! demo (earning free stamps, doing what you love, earning free stamps, meeting new people, earning free stamps...) but you get a bonus of an ENTIRE color family of free ink pads! That just rocks!

If you would like more information, just email me. I'm always looking for creative people to join my awesome downline! :)

Another waterfall card

I had been meaning to post this, but it just kind of got lost in the summer shuffle. We celebrated by daughter's 3rd birthday in June and we had the party at Build-a-bear. Here is what the invitations looked like:

And here are what the little layers look like as they flip open:

Of course, I had already made 30 of these before we found out that Chloe was red/green color blind and that she really doesn't like the way pink looks, but there was no way I was making all new ones!

You can see there there are a lot of elements to this card! All is SU! except for the little heard-shaped brads, which are Making Memories. I borrowed this Favorite Teddy Bear set from a friend and then bought it just days before it retired because it is just TOO darn cute! :)

August News

I really can't believe that school starts in just a couple of weeks!! I have an insane amount of things to get done before I go back to work, and I just don't think it's going to happen. At least I had fun this summer! :)

There is a LOT going on this month on the stampin' front. I have a Stamp Camp this weekend (tomorrow!), club meetings, a Back-to-School Bash, a Scrap-a-thon, and my regular clubs. Whew!

The August edition of Moonlight Stamper is up, so go check it out! There is a list of my specials and clubs as well as all kinds of other valuable info inside it. Speaking of specials, SU! is offering a sweet little deal this month. When you purchase a Three For You Punch Box (SOOO cute - it includes a 9-piece die cut stamp set, a trio flower punch, and 3 stampin' spot (with 2 of the new In Colors!) all in the great collector's tin) you get a set of 30 textured love notes for FREE! Check it out HERE.

I've been playing with the love notes and they are just too …

Now I'm back...from outer space...

July has been a BUSY month for us, and I don't think I was really quite ready for it!! :)

In addition to the quilting, Harry Potty Movie 5/Book 7, and the continuing war with the Dust Bunnies, I got sick at the end of the week last week and had a not-so-hot weekend. Plus, it has been raining here in Houston. I mean RAINING - like, when the sun peeks through the clouds we jump around in glee and have wild parties. Or something like that.

Even though I've been under the weather (get it!?) I HAVE been stamping. I made the invitations for my little sister's baby shower...

First the shower was going to be all girlie, but then she wanted a couples shower, and then she changed it to a family shower. Yeah. So, this was the THIRD and oh-so-final design. Simple, since I had to make 40 of them!! (obviously I removed the date/location info for here - everyone else won't see a strange blank space). I used Pretty in Pink, Basic Black, and Almost Amethyst card stock. The photo is origin…


...I'm so BUSY, my head is spinnin'!

The summer is winding down and my list of Things I Will Surely Get Done This Summer Because I Get The Whole Summer Off And I Cannot Possibly Not Get Them Done is barely dented. But, I've done so many other amazing things (I should put them on my list just so I can feel that rush I get from crossing something off!!!).

Exhibit A:

I'm learning to quilt! I've been wanting to learn for ages, and I finally just jumped right in. Yes, this is a SIMPLE pattern (Rolling off a Log) (Don't you just love the names of quilt patterns?), but I'm doing it! Well, my mommy is helping me! (Remember, I really don't much like sewing. Or ironing. Turns out you need lots of both for quilting. We've added a border (all on our own - NOT part of the pattern! w00t!) and now we are working on the backing. It's so going to rock.

See, at the end of June we found out that my daughter (3) is red/green color deficient - she can't see them. So…

What a week!

If you thought giving a crafter a stamp could lead to madness, you should try giving a crafter's geeky husband a new LCD T.V.... OH, the cables, wall mounts, new entertainment centers, GAH! High. Def. Drama!
Toss a sick toddler into the mix and you've got a recipe for FUN!

But, when I got online this morning I was so surprised to see that Gena of My Stampin' Garden was sweet enough to nominate me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!! Such a nice way to start the weekend! Y'all go visit her and give her some love!!

Now *I* get to nominate 5 rockin' girls. (And believe me, it's HARD to nominate just 5. First of all, many gals have already been nominated. Second, I read a LOT of blogs! (I'm limiting this nomination to mostly Stamping blogs - my blogroll of NON craft blogs is over 100!!) So, if you haven't been nominated yet, and you want to be, consider yourself nominated by me. )
The awards go to....
1. Jamie at Dreaming [BIG] Dreams - she's not a stamper, bu…

If you give a crafter a stamp...

If you give a crafter a stamp, she's going to ask for an ink pad.

When you give her the ink pad, she'll probably ask you for some card stock.

When she's finished, she'll ask for a paper cutter.

Then she'll want to cut more card stock to make sure her card has several pretty layers.

When she cuts more card stock, she might notice her image needs some color.

So she'll probably ask for some markers.

When she's finished coloring her image, she'll want a sponge to ink the edges.
She'll start inking.

She might get carried away and ink every piece of card stock on the table.
She may even end up inking some designer paper as well!

When she's done, she'll probably want to add some embellishments.
You'll have to give her a box of ribbon, eyelets, and the Crafter's Tool Kit.

She'll dig in, tie some ribbon and pierce the paper a few times.

She'll probably need some adhesives.
So you'll get her some glue and tape, and she'll ask for some bling.

My first Bella

Ally, of Ally's Inky Hugs, is not only creative and funny she is so darn sweet! A couple of weeks ago we were emailing back and forth and she found out that I don't own any Bellas, which in today's stamping world is pretty much like saying I don't own any ink. So, out of the kindness of her heart - and even though she was packing her universe to move, she took time out of her already insane schedule to send me a card and a stack of THIRTY stamped Bellas. Isn't she amazing?

As soon as she gets settled into her new place I'm going to use one of the Bellas she sent me to make her a thank you card. (So, Ally, send me your new address once you get a chance to sit and breathe!)

Here is the my first Bella card, courtesy of Ally's generosity. I had a lot of fun coloring her with my SU! markers, inks, and blender pen. I don't have any of those nifty skinny oval stamps, so I just punched a small oval and used the negative space as a stencil to sponge the grass. I u…

Fall-Winter 2007 Catalog CASE #1

One of the great things about Stampin' Up! catalogs is that they are also Idea Books. There are great cards and projects on practically EVERY page of the book. To make things even easier, they have the recipes for each project in the back of the book. How awesome is that?! Using the catalog to build your cards and projects, or just to get a started idea from, is a great way to get your creativity flowing!

Sometimes, though, you might like a particular layout of a card, but not the color scheme. So you can mix and match to come up with your own variations of the ideas in the catalog. I thought I'd share some of my Catalog CASEs with you. (For those who don't know, CASE stands for "Copy And Share Everything!)

This first example comes from page 14 of the catalog. I used the same layout and stamp set, but I played with the colors and added Prints Designer Paper - similar to the card on page 55.

What catalog CASEs have you done? I'd love to see your variations!

Pretty Princess CASE

When I saw these little cuties at Heather's place last week, I knew the idea was perfect for the birthday party we were going to this weekend. I hadn't used this set yet (NOT neglected, just recently purchased because I didn't want to lose it since it was retiring!) and I had a lot of fun with it - as always when I get to use girly girl colors and lots of sparkle!

I did the inside of the card a bit differently from a traditional triangle fold card so that when you open it, she isn't sideways. See...

It's hard to see, but the "Happy Birthday" sentiment is stamped in white craft ink on a little removable bookmark. Lots of dazzling diamonds on the crown and the wee princess - one can never have too much bling on one's crown. When the 4-year-old birthday girl saw it she squealed, so I think she approved. :)

Materials (All SU!)

Card stock: Pretty in Pink, Whisper White, Tempting Turquoise
Stamps: Pretty Princess (retired)
Designer Paper: Petals & Paisleys

And the winner is....

Jan Scholl!

You can see some of her great cards at her blog, Paper Tango. Jan, email me with your contact info so I can get your goodies into the mail. :)

Congrats to Jan and huge thanks to everyone who played along! Some of the sets y'all haven't been using are sets that are *I* never use either. So, I am going to play with the Big Blossom from SAB and see if I can come up with SOMETHING.

My own very neglected set is All Wrapped Up. I thought it had tons of possibilities...and then I never used it. I HAVE used the accessory stamps, though! A product I have very badly neglected is my pastels. I've never even opened them. Shameful, huh? I guess I better start looking for good tutorials - feel free to guide me. :)

I really like that I am getting to meet so many new and talented people through this little game - so I plan to do it every few weeks. Check back soon for your next chance to win. Happy Crafting!

Tagged to Toot

I was tagged by Cheryl of Engineered Expressions to toot my own horn - which I am really not very good at, but I will give it a shot. :) (BTW, go check out her site - she has some nice layouts!)

1. I am really good at my job - I'm a special education teacher specialized in behaviorism and working with students with all levels of autism. I LOVE it!! I write fantastic behavior plans. :)

2. I have a phenomenal memory - it drives my husband crazy!

3. I can crochet and like making baby blankets.

4. I have naturally rosy cheeks and seldom wear blush.

5. I love to sing (notice: did not say CAN sing) and as such know a ton of songs. I know more kids songs than anyone I've ever met. It's great fun for my own kids, niece, newphew, and my students. I can pretty much think of a song for any subject - so they love to test me.

6. I am pretty computer literate (I code my own family blog) and have done some nice banners and such for people. This is one of my favorites:

7. I have been an SU! demo…

Happy Fourth!

(BLOG CANDY offer down below!)

Materials (All SU! unless otherwise mentioned)

Card stock: Regal Rose, Whisper White, Bordering Blue
Patterned Paper: Regal Rose Prints Designer Paper
Stamps: Pick A Petal
Ink: Bordering Blue
Other: White Signo Gel Pen, Crafter's Tool Kit, White thread (unknown source), 3/4" circle punch

Daddy's Little Brag Book

(BLOG CANDY offer down below!)

For Father's Day I wanted to make my man a little photo album of the kids - but it could NOT be, in any way, girlie. That meant no pink, no ribbon, no flowers, and for goodness sakes NO glitter! :)

This is what I came up with. I've been meaning to post it, but he had already taken it to work and proudly displayed it on his desk. So cute, huh? It makes use of badge holders, which is really cool because there is another tutorial on SCS right now for a Badge Holder Minibook. Try out both ways and email me your results - I'd love to see them!

I'm starting the images here with the 2nd page of the album because the first page is supposed to be of my husband with both kids, but we haven't quite gotten that photo yet. I did some of the embellishing on the card stock behind the photos, and some of it on the badge for more dimension. There was SO much more I wanted to do, but I had to force myself to keep it simple so my husband wouldn't be af…