Stamping, what?

As posted a few days ago, my precious new niece was welcomed into the world on the 27th. And then things got rough... Little Alyssa was in the hospital all last week - she had to be air lifted into Houston from a smaller local hospital. It was terrifying. She was diagnosed with bacterial spinal meningitis at only 8 days old. Last week was rough - we spent a lot of time in prayer and worry for her life. Thank God, she was able to come home on Saturday.

Isn't it amazing how the things that would have normally been Top Priority can be thrown so quickly into perspective when things like this happen? And isn't it wonderful when God works a miracle?

Do YOU believe in miracles? Not just in the big things like this, but little every day miracles... Just making it to the gas station even when the E has been blinking for 2 miles, having the exact amount of change at the tollway, finding a perfect parking place in the rain...

Let's have some Blog Candy!

Tell me about a miracle that happened in your life. I'll keep the entries open for a while - let's overwhelm each other with stories of hope. On the 28th I'll do a random drawing from all the entries with a Miracle Moment comment and the winner will receive a set of Color Box Petal Point Fluid Chalk Pads by Stampin' Up! (retired).

I'll start...

My biggest miracles are most definitely my kids. If you haven't followed my other blog you may not know that I'm an infertility disaster. (Hi, my name is Abra Leah and I have PCOS, LPD, IC, hypothyroid, and a partridge in my pear tree.) Our Chloe girl was conceived after many failed cycles, chemical pregnancies, and early losses. I haunted pregnancy boards, blogs, and online communities while trying a million different tips, hints, and old wives tales. Pineapple juice, Robitussin, you name it. I have my own speculum, people. Oh, the charts I did take! Finally after many ugly dances with Clomid and progesterone and the mighty power of prayer...

Chloe Elizabeth - born 6 weeks early (I had pre-ecclampsia, yes I paid for my ObGyn's house) on June 30, 2004. She was 4 pounds 11 ounces, 19 inches long. She was our little NICU baby, but we were lucky that she came home earlier than many.

We thought that she was miracle enough for us! In fact, we had decided that we wouldn't go through fertility treatments again. (Did I mention that I turn into something Very Very Mean on fertility drugs?) We've always felt called to adoption, and so we felt that would be our future.

When Chloe was 9 months old I thought I had a horrible case of the flu. Turns out it was the 9-month flu - God wasn't through with working miracles for us! On October 25, 2005, we met our Bradley Allen face to face. His 7 pounds 5 ounces and 21.7 inches seemed huge compared to his sister!

And now, here it is almost my 31st birthday and I just cannot believe how very blessed I am. I married my best friend. I have a darling family. I love my jobs (teaching AND stamping!) and I have precious friends. Wow! Everyday is a miracle when you are surrounded by such love.

Your turn!


maiahs_momma said…
There are so many miracles that have either happened to me or to people in my family. It was last Oct.31st, I was driving my son to preschool with his younger brother and myself who was 36 weeks pregnant... but first we had to return a movie to the store. There was a Ford F150 truck stopped at the stop sign coming out of the parking lot. It was my turn to go, I make eye contact with the guy...and then proceed...but the next thing I knew the old man had accelerated. He slammed into us quite hard, he T-boned us...I couldn't get my door open, my 2 sons were terrified and screaming. I was fine, but the baby became breeched due to the accident but luckily she was born a healthy baby girl :D!. My boys were fine too, just shaken up a bit but all that was fixed with a ride in the police car to the hospital where I was being checked out.
After we got home, I was able to see the car...the man hit us straight on to the drivers side of the car. The whole side of the car was a mess...but he hit more around my sons door than anywhere else. The miracle is that his door was dented but not as dented as what it should have been with the impact the truck had made. All around his door was a mess...but his door was just dented a bit. Someone was looking after him that day, and the rest of us too :)!

Thank you so much for the chance at blog candy :)! Great idea to get some blog candy, can't wait to see what others have posted...modern day miracles :D!
SpAzzGiRL said…
Oh, how scary for your sister, so glad your niece is home and getting better.
Jan Scholl said…
My miracle is that I survived being part of a crazy, disfunctional family and am the only one with any commom sense and no addictions (well, other than stamps) I also survivied a pretty bad illness that did not let me eat solid foods for months and it took me two years to get some of my life back (not all of it but I will take what I got)

The miracle isnt that I finished , the miracle is that I had the courage to start-my favorite quote-byJohn Bingham.
Heather P. said…
Oh wow, I'm so glad to hear that your little niece is going to be okay!

Like you, I also have LPD and am Hypothyroid... Our daughter Lindsay was an ooopsie, so I never really knew what it was like for people who TTC and face hard times along the way. We're in the process of TTC #2 now, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little concerned that we might be on this road a while. I chart, I take B6 supplements, and will be adding Progesterone to the mix once we hit (yet another) 2WW. In the end, it's not about me or when I think the "perfect" time to have another baby is or all these things I'm doing to monitor my progress and boost my chances, it's about God's perfect timing. If it's meant to be, it will. :)
Wife2TJ said…
Just wanted to comment and say thanks for sharing and you are giving me hope. I also suffer from IC and have been having fertility issues as well. We are finally seeking help through a reproductive endocronologist. I have started a blog to log my infertility and treatments. I would love it if you stopped by its a private blog its You'll have to join and get approved but I would love to hear more since you have been through this and have two wonderful children. Thanks, Samantha :-)
yvonne said…
Wow your story is so beautiful, thank you for sharing
Sara said…
Geesh missed that this is even for blog candy!!! Life is so full of miracles. Babies are miracles in and of themselves, from the very first time you hear their little tiny heart beat, can you even believe that they are already a BABY at that point??? Miracles are hearing through your children the VOICE OF GOD!!! Miracles are just that Miraces, it takes a might God to do a small miracle in our lives and it takes a miracle to NOT miss them?!? I know that I have missed some but here is to not missing them anymore!

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