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Week 1 update

On Wednesday I started listening to the New Testament on MP3. It's only 28 minutes of listening per day and by Easter I will have heard the entire New Testament! Pretty cool, huh? You can download your own free copy here: Faith Comes by Hearing. (Or click the new button in my sidebar.)

I'm also fasting from food from after dinner on Wednesdays until breakfast on Friday. I used to do a 1-day/week fast every week, so this wasn't as hard for me as it might be for others. I have been having a lot of headaches and dizziness lately (unrelated to fasting) and these were worse all day Thursday. Hopefully it won't be as bad next week. (One drawback - I was invited to a veritable feast at my friend's church for Ladies Bible Study and I had to turn it down since it was on Thursday night.)

The hardest part was the fasting from negative words, which I knew it would be. Luckily I have quite a few accountability partners (Thank you, Michelle, darling!) and so they are keepi…

Typical conversation with Bradley


"Then I proclaimed a fast there, at the river Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God to seek from Him a straight and right way for us, our little ones, and all our possessions." Ezra 8:23

I love this translation because it really hits home that our actions (including our prayers) have effect on everything around us - including our children.

Fasting has been heavy on my heart for a while. Our church body is called to fast from food on Thursdays because that is the night we have healing services and intercessory prayer. For a while I was doing really good at this, but I really slacked off this year. Stress, worry, etc - I've just given in. Additionally, our pastor has called our church into a 40-day fast from negative words for this Lent season.

Wow. It really hit me hard because although I'm usually really good about not being negative at work, and socially - I am without a doubt HORRIBLE in this area with my poor husband! Mind you, it's often …

Scope for Imagination

"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair... People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is."
- Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

When I saw this stamp set in the new Spring-Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog I knew I had to have it! It's called A Kind Word and it immediately made me think of Anne of Green Gables. I've always adored those books, and now that I have my own little red-headed niece and nephew that quote makes much more sense!

And isn't it true that stamping gives you scope for imagination? Not only do you get to bring your own unique touch to the images, but the possibilities are limitless. For me it's also my therapy! I'm so busy these days I don't get many free minutes to just sit and stamp - but when I do it's completely relaxing. :)

I used another new SU! product for this card - if you click on the image to enlarge it you might be able to see it better. In the new catty are the …

I'm not good at this

Today I sat down to make the sympathy card for my friend who lost her infant son on Thursday; it was one of the hardest cards I've ever had to make. My cards are almost all bright and cheerful - I love whimsical stamps and happy themes. So, not only was it out of my style, but I had to choke back tears while making it.

I didn't really know Taeden very well - I have held him several times, and oohed and ahhed over his adorable pictures with his proud Grandma and Grandpa. I'm not even really close to the mama - she's more of an acquaintance, but we see each other often at her parents' house. She lived there when my daughter was there, so Chloe knows her better than I do.

But, I just feel so terribly awful for her. I have very close friends who have been through pregnancy and infant loss. I have friends who have lost adoptions that were moments from finalization. And I have been through more than one pregnancy loss. So at moments like these all that raw emotion …

A brief interruption

Chloe and I were enjoying a little mother-daughter craft time together - she's making a gift for Grandma for Valentine's Day. She needed some glue, so I turned away from her for a moment to go get it.

Then she started crying - her "ouch-I'm-in-pain" cry. I turned back toward her and her head was down and shaking with her sobs. I asked her what was wrong and she looked up at me. I quickly saw the problem and immediately tried to fix it.

My fingers couldn't fix it. But, three cheers for the SU! Crafter's Tool Kit and its lovely pair of tweezers.

Here's my baby post-trauma.

And here is what was causing the problem.

Yes, that's a watch battery. Yes, it was in her nose. And, NO, I didn't get a picture of it in its wedged condition, because even mommy bloggers know when it's time to act, and when it's time to take the picture. :)

Happy loves and kisses!

Today is a bleary, rainy, gray day in Houston. But, there is nothing but hearts, flowers, and chocolate in my house. :)

Mike and I stayed up late cuddling and watching one of the new BluRay movies he got for his birthday last month. And the kids actually slept in until 7 today! (Sad that 7 is LATE, huh?!) My mom is coming over tonight to hang out so Mike and I can go out to eat, too. We are excited because we hardly ever get to go out sans kiddos.

Chloe enjoyed her Valentine's Day party at school yesterday, and all her friends loved the little lollies she gave them. She said her teacher loved her card, too. We stopped by Bradley's day care yesterday just to love on Robbyn and Chooch and give them their valentines and the ones for the rest of the kiddos. Chloe isn't the only craft kid at our house!

These are the cards Bradley helped make:

I cut, stamped, and glued everything together, but HE colored them. The stamps are from the SU! set Pun Fun and I just stamped them…

Heavy hearts

My kids have been blessed to go to a wonderful in-home day care center. Chloe started when she was 15 months old and stayed until this year when she started Pre-K. Bradley started there when he was around 8 months old and is still there. Chooch and Robbyn are an amazing husband-and-wife team with seemingly endless energy and love. We adore them.

Today at noon my office phone rang and Chooch was on the other end - he was sobbing and managed to say that, "The baby died." My heart dropped to my feet and I asked which baby (my 18 month old niece also goes there). He said that his grandson had just died. His little grandson, Taeden, was only 11 weeks old. I immediately called my mom and she left to go get Bradley and Alyssa. I left work and rushed to my sister's house to check on the kids, and then drove by Robbyn and Chooch's to see if they needed help with any kids still there - but everyone was gone.

Apparently their daughter went to check on the baby during his…

Beauty School Drop-out

My friend, Stephanie, and I have been friends since 9th grade (and have been through a LOT together!) and we are now blessed that our two youngest go to the same day care. So, when I saw her a couple of weeks ago picking up her little one she had to tell me about her latest drama - her oldest (in 1st grade) had cut her bangs...AGAIN. She is now sporting one of those classic 80s angled bang looks. I *tsked* and smiled - Steph was a wild child and now she's just getting her just desserts. Thank goodness *MY* angel of a child would never. Ever. Do. Something. That. Stupid.


Mike picked her up yesterday (since Wednesdays are my grad school night) and was informed of her inappropriate use of fine motor skills. So, when I got home I talked to her about it...

Me: Chloe, did something happen to your hair today?
Chloe: Nope!
Me: It looks a little short in the front...
Chloe: Yeah! My hair FELL off!
Me: It just FELL off, huh? Nothing helped it?
Chloe: It got pulled.
Me: What p…

Birthday Bloggy Goodness!

Kristine is celebrating her birthday this week and in honor of her big number 29 <*wink*> she is offering some YUMMY goodies as blog candy. CHECK IT OUT HERE! Kristine is one of theose people you just can't help but love. I often wish she lived next door to me!! She has a kind and giving spirit, a great sense of humor, and is an amazing artist. I hope she has a fantastic birthday!! :)

Chloe's Valentines

Chloe and I made 12 of these little lollie holders this weekend. She is going to use them for her Valentines for her friends at school. I don't remember where I first saw these, but I had to come up with my own pattern because I searched and search but couldn't find a template! Oh well - kudos to whoever first came up with this idea. It's adorable!

Chloe helped punch all the scallops (she LOVES punches) and she wrote her name All By Herself on all of them. I can't believe she's going to be 5 years old this summer. I might have a breakdown....

Anyway, we used retired SU! paper that is a couple years old. Pretty in Pink card stock, mini glue dots, circle and scallop circle punches. And a LOT of 2-way glue (really easy for kids to use, BTW). I also made a few extra to give to some of my friends. :)

Roses are red, Rockets are blue

Courtney challenged us to make a Valentine card with a more masculine feel. I went for masculine - just YOUNG masculine. :) My son LOVES this card, so I think that part of the challenge worked. Of course, he's only 3....

You can pull the tab and the rocket blasts off - how much cooler could that be?

I even managed to use some bling, despite being for a boy! I used Taylor's Tiny Twinkles - black on the rocket and crystal for some random stars. :)

Materials(all SU! unless otherwise mentioned)

Card stock: Apricot Appeal, Night of Navy, Old Olive, Watercolor paper
Stamps: Pun Fun
Ink: Craft White, Stazon Black
Other: 2-way Glue, Stampin' Dimensionals, Mini Glue Dots, Paper Snips, Word Window Punch, Crystal Effects, SU! Markers, Blender Pen, Black and Crystal Twinkles (Taylored Expressions)

What a week!

This week was INSANE. I've never had so much go so wrong in so many different areas. I'm just glad I get to come home and see this....