Beauty School Drop-out

My friend, Stephanie, and I have been friends since 9th grade (and have been through a LOT together!) and we are now blessed that our two youngest go to the same day care. So, when I saw her a couple of weeks ago picking up her little one she had to tell me about her latest drama - her oldest (in 1st grade) had cut her bangs...AGAIN. She is now sporting one of those classic 80s angled bang looks. I *tsked* and smiled - Steph was a wild child and now she's just getting her just desserts. Thank goodness *MY* angel of a child would never. Ever. Do. Something. That. Stupid.


Mike picked her up yesterday (since Wednesdays are my grad school night) and was informed of her inappropriate use of fine motor skills. So, when I got home I talked to her about it...

Me: Chloe, did something happen to your hair today?
Chloe: Nope!
Me: It looks a little short in the front...
Chloe: Yeah! My hair FELL off!
Me: It just FELL off, huh? Nothing helped it?
Chloe: It got pulled.
Me: What pulled it?
Chloe: Scissors!
Me: Did you cut your hair?
Chloe: No! The scissors did!

So, we talked about good choices, proper use of scissors, etc... And she has promised to never cut her hair again.

And mommy will try not to be so smug again.


Heather P. said…
LOL, that's hilarious!! I love her responses to the questions! :)
Heather P. said…
Oh, I meant to add... I think it's something that almost everyone does at some point in their childhood... I know I did! :) Mine just happened to be bad timing... The morning of 1st grade picture day! LOL There I am, in this pretty black velvet dress with white details (very fashionable in the 80's ya know), and bangs cut almost to the skin on my hairline! Ha! I still laugh when I see those photos!
Courtney said…

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