Oh where oh where can she be?

Heather (of the darling blog {Witty Title Here}) emailed me today just to see if I had decided to join an elite monastery of stamping nuns, but alas, I'm just BUSY! Life sometimes just comes at you faster than you realize!! And I *meant* to update, but I felt silly posting without posting SOMETHING stamped!! Sad, huh?

So, here is a stampless, scrapless, promotionless update - just me saying HI, I'm Overwhelmed!

School starts Monday and since our building is new and wasn't finished until the very. Last. Possible. Minute. I didn't get to move in until last week. Yes, just 6 days before school actually starts. And, of course, a good portion of those days were spent in oh-so-exciting inservices. For those who don't know, my job other than Stampin' Up! Demo Extraordinaire is Special Education Teacher - Severe Autism K-2. My building admin folks didn't order me any furniture. Oh, HI, I have no chairs in which to place my students' hinies. Until 3:45 yesterday. So, that's my work drama.

Then, my sister - oh, my darling precious sister. You remember her from the post with her cute belly pic and shower invites. She has been to the hospital THREE times since her shower, which was on the 11th. And since I'm her labor coach I've been there as well. She is (***graphic info warning!***) 5cm dilated, 80% effaced, at ZERO station, lost all of her plug (EWWW!) and having killer contractions. But, her contractions are not "organized." Like, hello, we are the Killer Contractions Union #675. Since they aren't organized her ObGYN won't help her along with pitocin, even though she's due September 1st. She is not in the best of moods. Bless her.

And also my house - which we are painting from top to bottom in preparation for sale. The filling of picture holes, the painting, the cleaning, the rewiring of new lighting - it is not fun. I want those HGTV people to come live with me and be my new BFF and finish this massive project because I have NO strength or will to go on.

And I have my adorable scrap and stamp clubs still meeting - and I am so glad because it's like a sweet little piece of happiness getting to hang out with other women and just BE. Ahh! Today I met with a group of scrappers so I could introduce them to stamping, and OH, they were just so cute! Isn't it lovely to meet kindred spirits? And tonight I met with my scrap n' stamp club and it was just so nice to sit and chat with friends, meet someone new, and get some projects done.
YES - I actually got somethings nearly done. I have to finish them up here at home tonight and tomorrow. So, that means I'll have something to share with you SOON! Yeah!

For those who have missed me, thanks! For those who have forgotten me - come baaaack! :)
Be thinking of me this week and, as always, Happy Crafting!!


Heather P. said…
YAY, there you are!!! :) Sorry to hear that things have been so busy, but glad to know that you are A-OK!!!

I hope everything for school gets ironed out ASAP... Seating for little hinies is a must!

I can't believe that your sister's due date is SO close and the Dr won't help her along... That's just wrong! Contractions are NO fun, and to have to just live with it until they choose to "organize" themselves is craziness! :(

And I totally relate to the HGTV people needing to move in for a few weeks to get things situated. We aren't moving, but we could use some serious help. We have lackofmotivationitis, and it's a very serious condition. LOL...
Elaine said…
Hang in there girlfriend!! It sounds like things are rough, but hopefully it will all smooth out very soon!! We look forward to whenever you have time to share again!!

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