Sprinkler season has arrived

Today we celebrated Mother's Day a bit early - I made a huge tostada bar dinner and my mom came over with my sister's kiddos. The kids ran around in the sprinklers for about 40 minutes and had a blast. Poor Chloe only had this suit from last year which barely covered her chachas. And Bradley's trunks were actually too big - I had bought them at the end of the season thinking he would grow into them by this year. We'll have to go shopping soon because the neighborhood pools are open now and they are dying to go swimming.

Chloe is starting to actually pose for pictures - for so many years she would just get all emo and pout when I had the camera out. We are entering the Princess Phase and it's so much fun! :)

Bradley, of course, has always loved the camera. He's such a little ham - he's always asking me to go get the camera and take his picture. Here he is showing me his muscles. :)

I can't wait for summer break!!


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