6 x 6 Recipe Card

Sadly, our monthly recipe card club fizzled out after Hurricane Ike soaked most of the members. But, I still like making them. If anyone is interested in joining a recipe card swap club, let me know! I'd be willing to get the club up and running.

Here is a card I made to share with my SU! gals - the girls who are all 1st level recruits with my upline. We did a demo day at her house and this is the project I brought for them to make. :)

That little lemon slice pulls out another card with the frosting recipe. :)


*gasp* That looks so neat! LOVE the pull-out piece too!! :) My recipes are absolutely everywhere! Some are crumpled magazine pages shoved in the cupboard or on 4x6 cards just stuck in a bread loaf pan in my cupboard, lol. Pretty sad really. I'd love to put together a nice recipe book like this! I should do 2 so my girls have them when they get married ;)

So, do you have a little 6x6 album to put these in? I think I'd be up for this. let me know if you get any more takers. I'll announce it on my blog. :)
Do you put the pages into sleeves?
Debbie Pamment said…
Saw this on Kristine's blog - would love the be a part if you're happy to have someone from Australia - not sure how that would work for everyone!!! If so I am also happy to advertise on my blog. Let me know...
kjohnston7 said…
I am interested. I have been making recipe cards for a while now and am absolutely hooked. Let me know.

Thanks -

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