Lights Out

About five minutes into our Girl Scout meeting tonight the power suddenly went out (the weather wasn't bad or anything) and not a single one of the 16 girls there panicked or screamed or squeeled! (These are 1st and 2nd graders (Daisies and Brownies), y'all.)

I turned on the flashlight on my phone, and asked them if we had any flashlights in our Camp Kit. One girl excitedly told us that we did, because she had brought them. So, my co-leader went to get them. I told the girls not to worry and one little voice said, "It's okay - I have my buddy." I scanned my flashlight phone around the room and each girl had the hand of a girl next to her. And no one was scared. They didn't get all silly or goofy, and they were ready to continue their meeting.

My co-leader got a bunch of candles lit and for the majority of the rest of our 1.5 hour long meeting, our crazy cool girls met all of their objectives for the evening by candlelight and flashlight.

They worked, sang, ate snack, cleaned up, and took care of business in the dark. Because Girl Scouts, even little ones, can totally do anything.


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