Project 365 - Day 1

Alyssa Joyce was the life of the party New Year's Eve - she didn't sleep a wink and was just this cute and happy the entire time. I think her activity might have been partly due to the insane amount of jelly beans she kept swiping (note the residue on her pretty little chin).

Couldn't you just eat her up?

Day 1 - not so hard. Here's hoping I can actually do this project!


Oh my gawsh... I SOOO want to do this project too!! So where do we start? Is it just take a picture of ANYTHING every single day of the year? Does that include cards, or is it just family pics?? :)

So, how did your Christmas go? That is sooo sweet that she said the other pet shop toys are praying for the sick one to get better---LOVE THAT! My girls have a TON of pet shop toys.

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