Day 26

Today after school Chloe spent about 20 minutes running around the backyard with Zeke, and by the time they were done they were both exhausted. She absolutely adores this dumb dog no matter what he does. The other day she said, "Mom, Zeke nipped me. Someday he'll be a really GREAT Dane, but right now he's still learning." Yes, Chloe - he is currently a not-so-great Dane.

She has always been a nature lover - from leaves and flowers to assorted many-legged creatures. She has her two little gerbils she takes care of and such, but this dog - he is special. They snuggle together, and she sings to him and tells him what basically amount to Social Stories about how he can behave more appropriately. It's pretty darn cute, even though I think he has selective listening when it comes to his understanding of desired behavior outcomes. I wonder where I put my copy of Don't Shoot the Dog. Poor Zeke will be in ABA boot camp this summer so he can earn his Greatness.


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