Day 30

The kids and I were looking through the 365 pictures so far and they were both wondering why there are never any pictures of me anywhere, in any pictures, ever. Well, it's because I always have the camera! Poor Daddy cannot be trusted to take a good picture if his life depended on it. (Last Christmas I had the flu and was in bed the entire day, so Mike had to take the pictures. I have never seen so many pictures of blurry elbows and extreme close-ups.)

I read over and over in all the scrapbooking magazines that we moms cannot remain invisible - we need to get pictures of ourselves now and then. So, here is a quick pic of me as I usually look on the weekends: t-shirt, frizzy hair, and just a little bit of make-up. I need to 'shop out those worry lines, huh? Yikes! But, at least my kids will be happy because they think their mama is beautiful, worry lines and all.


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