Day 14

Usually Autumn comes and goes without much show here in the Houston area. Our leaves go from green to gray in the bleak, rainy days of the season. This year, though, we've had quite a show! Autumn was ushered out with atypical freezing temperatures and even snow. Over the past couple of weeks we've had days and days of below freezing weather and even our plants don't know what to do.

This tree in my front yard held on to 3 little leaves until this week. They looked amazing with their bright red sheen against the gray sky, but finally the rain and wind snatched two of the three and carried them off. This lonely leaf has been hanging on fiercely, but I think he will be joining his friends soon. Chloe and I say "hello" to him whenever we go outside, so I hope she won't be too sad when he's gone.


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