Day 11

Every year for Christmas Mike gets me a gift card to one craft store or another and this year I got one for Jo Ann's. Their online store has a MUCH larger selection than the brick-and-mortar stores do, so I browsed around there a couple of weeks ago looking for some storage. See, I just learned how to sew this summer (See most of my creations HERE.) and had no clue how to store any of my supplies. I was just using a plastic shoe box to hold all my threads, bobbins, bias tape, and more.

I found this darling little thread holder for only $7 on the Jo Ann's online site! It arrived today and I got it on the wall right away. I also ordered a bobbin holder for only $1.50! Now I just need to figure out how to store bias tape and fabric and I'll be on my way back to Organization Nirvana. Suggestions?


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