Help for Haiti

Right now my child is sick - her lungs are weak and she is on medication to help her breathe. But I know she is going to be okay. I hold her hand while she complains about her treatment and how it makes her itchy and shaky (the steroid has some side effects she doesn't adjust well to). I sing to her and tell her stories. Later, I'll read with her and her brother, pray with them, and tuck them in for the night. They will be safe.

Right now over 1600 miles away thousands of mothers cannot do what I am doing. Thousands of children are confused, hurt, and alone. Right now my friend, Jamie, is longing to be with her son who is safe, but surrounded by chaos in Haiti. Take a moment to hug someone you love, and then click on one of the following links to send your support to help someone in dire need.

Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center
(where Jamie and Aaron Ivey's son is waiting)

Help Haiti T-shirts

World Vision

American Red Cross

The average American eats fast food 4 times per week - I challenge you to forgo fast food this week and instead donate that money to one of these relief agencies. The amount of money you spend on a couple of kids meals can buy fresh water for 15 children. Every little bit helps.

Please, help Haiti.


Jamie Ivey said…
Thank you for spreading the word!

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