Day 28

I have a feeling this might be Project 365 cheating, but these were the only pictures I had a chance to take today! :)

When Chloe woke up this morning and dragged her sleepy self into my room to get ready I had the outfit hanging up ready for her. She saw it right away and broke into a huge smile and said, "I completely love it!" I think that's a good thing.

She refuses to tuck her shirts in, but it still looks pretty darn cute, huh? She's doing these new poses and such when I take a picture of her and it cracks me up because until about a year and half or so ago she refused to smile in any non-candid photo. Starting at about 15 months there are no posed pictures of her with a smile. We call them collectively her Pensive Period. I'm sure glad that's over - although with her recent dramas and tantrums I think that tweendom will bring more angst and pensive photos! This IS the child who once declared in a fit over some injustice, "I do NOT want a Happy Meal. I want a sad, angry meal!"

Lord help us! (But at least she'll LOOK good!)


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