Day 31

Remember when we were kids they had those Grand Prizes where you could run through a toy store for 5 minutes and get whatever you could fit in the cart? I wanted to win that - but at an office supply store. My daughter inherited my love for all things crafty and her obsession with markers is not so much an illness but a result of my dominant genes.

Both Chloe and Bradley love to color, draw, cut, paste, paint... and this marker/chalk board is one of their favorite things. I got it several years ago from Lakeshore during a back-to-school sale and it only cost $12!! They still have them, but not for $12, sorry. Anyway, Chloe spends hours drawing and writing on this board, so her markers often dry out - or some cousin or friend pushes to hard on them and the tips get mangled. So every few months or so I get her new markers and each time it is like Christmas. She lines them up by color and tries them all "oohing" and "ahhing" over the colors. It's pretty cute (like getting new Copics!).

She's been writing a lot of great sentences on her board lately, too. It's been fun to watch her progress from 3-word sentences to big ol' run-ons. Yesterday she wrote, "I like my family bee kus they are my family and I love them and they love me bak bee kus we are family." [sic] I was going to take a picture, but she erased it and moved on to drawing Fancy Shoes. Yes, she is definitely my girl.


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