Project 365 - Day 6

Today I didn't get a picture until I came home from grad school - I almost forgot about it! So, I took a quick pic of my computer station in my craft room. It really is my sanctuary! It nice to lose myself in blogs or do some online shopping. Or just look at all my pretty buttons. I do love buttons. :) Sorry it's a bit messy - I didn't tidy first.

I like that I only have to go to school one night per week, but I hate that I don't get to help put the kids to bed. We have a very steady routine: dinner at 5:30, Couch Time at 6:15, showers at 6:45, and then we read books. The kids get a base of 2 books each and can earn more books for good behavior at school. Then we pray together and tuck them in. Bradley loves to snuggle for a while before finally dismissing us. Chloe likes to ask questions (imagine that) - she is getting better about her OCD questions. She used to ask the same questions every night, in the same order, and if we didn't answer she would have a melt down. She still wants kisses and hugs in a particular order and insists on certain catch phrases, but it's a huge improvement from even a year ago.

But, they were already tucked in tight when I got home from school. So, I get some time to write this while listening to the Rockets game in the other room - and then I'll go snuggle Mike and hope we can pull off a win!


Elaine said…
that crafting space looks pretty darn organized to me!! LOL I'm now embarrassed and will never show my space...ack!!

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