Day 19

When I got to Bradley's school to pick him up today he exclaimed two things: "Mama, I didn't have any accidents today and I wrote my name all by myself!" As soon as we got in the car he pulled his crinkled paper from his backpack to show me his great work. He had drawn an airplane and written his very own name. All by himself.

When we got home I grabbed my camera and asked him to sit still for just a minute so I could get a picture of his work. I begged him to stay in one place and told him he was driving me crazy with all his bouncing and he replied, "I want to drive you proud, not crazy."

And so I let him bounce and took several shots without telling him to sit still and wouldn't you know it, they turned out find despite the bouncing.

You drive me proud every single day, Sunshine. Mama couldn't be prouder of you!


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