Day 12

This evening Bradley and I got some rare playtime, just the two of us. My sister had taken Chloe to do some Cookie Sales in her neighborhood, Mike was walking the dog, and so Bradley and retreated to the playroom. We played "emergency vehicles save everyone," a game he created, narrates, and adores. Every single toy falls into a horrible situation with little hope, but then LOOK! It's an emergency vehicle come to save the day!

He has a full imagination and comes up with the best stories. He sometimes scares himself when he gets a little too detailed with his descriptions of monsters or pirates. The other day he told me, "All my bad dreams start with "P:" pirates, pumas, and no pizza." Couldn't you just eat him up? My little tousle-haired, sauce-stained, chap-lipped, beautiful angel-boy. He amazes me every day and I can't believe how lucky I am to be his Mama.


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