Day 27

Tomorrow is Spring picture day at Chloe's school and she had planned on wearing this cute little Valentine's Day skirt I made her a few weeks ago, but we couldn't find it. I mean we looked all over the place - in all the closets and drawers, all the rooms. We cannot find it. So, I told her I'd make her another cupcake skirt so she can still be sweet for her pictures.

While watching my DVR'd American Idol from yesterday and today I made this skirt and embellished the shirt. The skirts are EASY to make - I make them all the time, as you can see here. I even came up with a "recipe" so you can make your very own skirt in less than an hour, too. The shirt, on the other hand, was a new experience for me.

Every time Target has little shirts on clearance I get some because I always hope I can do something with it. This shirt, for example, was $1.25 and you just can't beat that! I cut the little cupcake from a scrap of the skirt fabric and adhered it to the skirt with bonding web and then stitched around the edge by hand. That sounds easy, and next time it probably will be, but it took me over an hour because I had never done it before. I need to learn how to do the stitching better, but I'm happy with the result and I know Chloe will love it. (I'll get a pic tomorrow.)

Now I'm off to bed because I stayed up way too darn late!!


So cute! What a great outfit!

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