Day 10

Mike and I were up really late last night hanging out with my brother and Katie, so I let the kids have some quality "Play in your playroom and don't wake anyone" time this morning. When I was finally awake enough to be pleasant company, I went upstairs to check on them. You never know if you are going to find happiness or doom when the kids are playing quietly. This time, happiness.

"We made our own world," announced Chloe.
"But you can visit, Mama," added Bradley.

Precious! I love how they joined all the little buildings and villages and how they left plenty of space for their toys to travel about the town. I'm glad they are creative and can entertain themselves peacefully (for a while). But, it's a reminder of just how quickly they are growing up. Today loose teeth, tomorrow first dates. I think I'll go play in their world some more, because I'm really not ready for them to join mine.


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