Valentine Treats

These are the cute little flowers Chloe and I made for her to give to all of her friends for their Valentine's Day party at school this Friday. Didn't they turn out cute? I hope everyone will like them. We were a bit worried about flowers for the boys, but we figured they would just care about the lollie anyway!

Here's what we made for her teacher:

Isn't it darling? Chloe helped with everything except for the painting. We looked up her teacher's favorite colors and found that she likes purple and green, so we went with that theme. I figure she can always use the pot for something else when the lollies are gone. :) We also got her a Starbucks gift card because I know from personal experience that teachers also like practical gifts. (Trust me, we really don't need another mug with an apple on it!)

Bradley's are really simple:

I was all crafted-out after the other projects! I figure his preschool friends care even less about what the cards look like! He helped with the tape runner, which was quite an adventure in fine motor skills! But, he had fun and I think they turned out cute.

What are you doing for your kiddos' Valentines?


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