Day 44

Today has been a day of recovery for everyone - Mom is resting and Erin is taking care of her. I have some sort of stomach bug (probably picked it up at the hospital last night, I'm clever like that) that is making me miserable. Thank goodness my kids are good at entertaining themselves.

Here's a picture of my Hippo collection that I mentioned the other day. It started off with a big red hippo my cousin, Debra, made for me when I was a baby. Then I got a squishy purple hippo when I was like 7. That was pretty much it until Mike started buying them for me. Then, everyone started getting them for me. The big one on the right was bought at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans the summer of 1993 - we had to carry it back to St. Charles on the Street Car. The huge one in the middle was from my brother a couple of years ago for Christmas - he somehow got it into a tiny box and when I opened it it just burst out all over. I have quite a few and I'm running out of room for them!

Wouldn't it be great if that was all I had to worry about?


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