Day 35

I try not to let the kids drink too much water at the dance studio or their class time gets interrupted by frequent potty visits. Tonight, though, Bradley was already done with his classes and we were hanging out waiting for Chloe to finish hers and he was SO SO thirsty. "My tongue is so sad and thirsty," he wailed dramatically. Who can argue with a sad tongue?

The problem is, Bradley is not quite yet an expert at using a water fountain. He inevitably gets soaked and really doesn't imbibe much water. That doesn't change his love for that big, loud fountain of fun, of course. When he drinks from a fountain, he laps at the water like a puppy. I've tried to explain how to kind of suck the water, but he insists that his way is best.

And so I had to change his shirt, clean the floor, and clean the wall after he was done. But at least his tongue was happy.


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