Day 55

Chloe is so proud of herself - she can now tie little knots and bows. It will only be a matter of days until I am tied to the furniture because if there are any loose ribbons, strings, or laces nearby, Chloe will find them and tie them. She came downstairs after she was supposed to have been in bed for over an hour just to show me her grand work of art on her pajama tie.

She hasn't worn shoes with laces since she was two, so we never really sat down and learned how to tie shoes. A note came home from school a while ago that said that the teachers were no longer going to help tie shoes after Winter Break. Can you believe that? I guess the teachers are pretty tired of bending over by this time of the year! We had a moment of panic (and guilt!) because we've never taught our kids this important skill. So, we practiced for a while and now she's a pro. We're still sporting the Velcro shoes, though, because Mama cannot stand undoing all those tiny triple knots!


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