Day 33

Today was the Big Day! During Circle Time (on the big rug, no less) Chloe "wiggled and wiggled her tooth until POP. It just came right on out." She got a special little tooth-shaped box on a string to wear and keep her tooth safe. But it seems there was a box malfunction and my poor girl LOST her tooth during Extended Day. They searched and searched, but couldn't find it. Chloe is, of course, quite upset about everything. But, she wrote a letter explaining the whole situation. So, hopefully the Tooth Fairy will be okay without collecting the tiny white gem.

She also drew her a couple of pictures. The first one is "Of the Very Day My Tooth Came Right Out of My Mouth at my Favorite School!" And the second is "A Picture of the Famous Tooth Fairy on a Rainbow." (click on them to open in a new window)

I still can't believe she's old enough to be loosing teeth. You can see in the top picture that the tooth next to the one she lost is about to come out, too. Her first two precious tiny baby teeth. The ones that bit me (only once) while nursing one morning before work. The ones we used to clean with a teensy soft finger brush while she sat in her bath seat. Those sweet little nubs that caused such gassy agony when they were trying to come up. And, oh, the drool that gave her a rash on her chin for weeks. How on earth has time gone by so quickly?


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