Week 2 update

This week was a little harder - there was a lot of stress at work with the TAKS test (our state's standardized assessment), some big ARDS, and we had to deal with a FLOOD. That's right - a pipe broke in an upstairs bathroom at the school I work at and the water came through the ceiling in our ARD room! (That's an IEP meeting for y'all who aren't in Texas.) The water damaged five classrooms, too - and all the phones in the building were down all day AND we had no Internet or intranet access. No email. Nada. Lovely.

I am doing okay with the listening to the word and fasting (though that was HARD on Thursday, the day of the Broken Pipe and No Computers). I *think* I'm doing better with the negative words, but honestly I think it's because Mike is not using them so I don't have anyone to argue with.

I drove up to North Richland Hills, Texas on Friday night with my awesome niece, Alexis, to do a workshop for my cousin (who is also in my downline). I like to do the first workshop for my recruits so they don't feel overwhelmed! :) We had a fun little road trip, did some crafting, and got home late. So, now I've got to get to bed because I'm exhausted!!! I'll post some pictures of the projects later this week.

Happy Stamping!


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