1st Digi Scrap Attempt

Okay, I keep saying that I'm not going to do this digi-scrap thing. I LOVE the touch and feel of layers, textures, and embellishments. But, on the other hand - I have a LOT of fun playing with my Paint Shop Pro X2 for photo editing. I also have a friend who sent me a TON of digi stuff a few years ago, but I just never messed with any of it.

So, today (who knows why) I decided to give it a try. I have no clue who made any of these things - so my sincere apologies to the clever folks who did. If I find out I'll give you credit. :)

It seems like we did hardly anything over Spring Break - but this weekend we were insanely busy with projects from sunrise to sunset. (And now I have a frillion loads of laundry to do, plus a week's worth of ironing - before I go to bed tonight. What was I thinking?) Today we also went and took the kids pictures in a bluebonnet patch - it's a Texas thing, y'all.

Without further ado, here is my first ever digital layout...

You can click on it to open it in a new window to see more details. I know it's really simple and doesn't have nearly the amount of stuff I would have put on it if it was a traditional page, but I think I did okay for my first try - what do you think? Be honest!

It was kind of fun, actually. :) So what do you digi scrappers do? Do you print them out? Who will print out a 12x12 photo? Or do you print them out 8x8? I need digi schooling! Any good sites you recommend? Places to get freebies? Places to learn how to make my own embellishments? Um. Maybe I should slow down since I have an ENTIRE craft room full of for realio-trulio stuff that longs to be glued down. Of course, I could just use all of that stuff on cards...


Lori Hurst said…
Great 1st attempt! Way better than anything I can do .. and beautiful photo!

My digi-scrapping has mainly been to learn different techniques in Photoshop (since I found all the tutorials for Photoshop at scrapbooking places). If I ever get good enough and really make anything I want to keep - the usual is to send your 12x12 pages into someplace like shutterfly.com and make a book. I have a book I made at shutterfly on Norway, but it does not have anything cool on the pages - just the templates they provide. I will put together a list of the websites I like and figure out where I got most of my freebies and send you an e-mail.
Heather P. said…
Honestly? I think it's FABULOUS!

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