Queen of the School

This morning Bradley and I had a great conversation:

Bradley: Mommy, can I go to school with you today?

Me: Not today, sweetie. (I brought him to work with me a couple of weeks ago because his day care was closed, and I had to get stuff done! He loved it, of course, and always asks to visit again.)

Bradley: But I want to see the Queen!

Me: ... What queen? (thinking he must have seen a book or something with a queen or crown on it)

Bradley: The Queen of the School!

Me: Um. What Queen?

Bradley: You know! The pretty lady in charge of the school - what is her name?

Me: You mean the principal? Her name is Ms. West.

Bradley: Yes! Ms. Queen West!

Me: I am sure she will be thrilled with her new title!!


:) I would be too! That's so cute!

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