All at once

When it rains it pours... everything always happens all at once... bad things come in threes...

The sayings are many, and they all seem cliche until a week like this comes along. Both of my kids have been slowly on the mend, my sisters kids are all sick, and the adults are trying to avoid it. On Wednesday morning my sister got a call that her father-in-law had passed away. This was a very sudden loss for her family and it is just horrible. My nieces and nephew have lost their Great Grandmother, Great Grandfather, and now their Grandfather all within the last 10 months. That's a lot of loss for these kiddos to handle.

So, I've been helping out where I can - including watching my darling 19 month old niece while my sister and her husband help take care of family business. Even though she has a fever, she has just been utterly sweet and adorable. Don't you just want to NOM her elbows?

Please keep my brother-in-laws family lifted in prayers - especially his precious mother, Malinda. She is a darling woman and even my kids call her Nanny.


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