My Girlie Girl

Chloe was finally felling better last night, and so we were able to do more than just sit around today. We had planned on going to the zoo, but because she was still in the recuperation phase, I didn't want to stress her system.

Instead, we spent some time gardening. I LOVE to garden - we grow our own vegetables all summer long. We have a cherry tree that is blooming, a fig tree that has buds, and just tons of flowers. Since I grow so many edibles, I don't like to use pesticides unless absolutely necessary (I *do* treat my turf with fire ant and other bug killers, just not in my garden). In my garden beds I do a lot of organics and home remedy treatments - like this...

Take a look at my little gardener - doesn't she look like a doll? You'd think she was smiling because she got to plant some flowers. Or because it was a gorgeous day.

NOPE. She's grinning because she helped her mama dig up GRUBS!

She just loves them - her pwecious wittle cuddle buggies. UGH!!!! See, mama is a vicious killer and digs up those buggers and throws them in the trash. But Chloe wants to keep them and let them crawl up her arms and such. *shudder* Last year our tomato plants got those HUGE tobacco hornworm caterpillars and she was in heaven. I had to dispose of them after she was done naming them. "No, Chloe, they LOVE swimming in the beer bucket!" :)

So, if you need someone to dig up some good fishing bait - just give us a call. Just don't tell Chloe that's what they are for!


Heather P. said…
I don't mind bugs for the most part... so long as they never sneak up on me and get into my hair. :P LOL, but grubs? Ewwwwww...

She is adorable!

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