12 Days of Christmas Gifts - Day 7

Continuing with the Toys for Boys today...

Day 7 - Mindflex Mind Control Game

No, this won't help you score that new tennis bracelet, but it would probably keep your man busy while you go out and get one for yourself! There are several toys like this out on the market this season. My nephew really wants the Star Wars Force Trainer because who wouldn't want to be a Jedi?? I think the Mindflex looks cooler because it is a customizable obstacle course and not just a vertical tunnel. I don't know anyone who has used either but it will interesting to see what people start saying once they are in use. Maybe it can teach kiddos with ADHD to maintain focus better? It could have some practical use!

Bonus Stampin' Up! Gift Idea: Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio

I know Mike wishes all of my crafts were digital - it would take up MUCH less space!! The SU! Digital Studio you can "use the same great artwork, colors, and accessory images found in our current product lines to create personalized cards, photo albums, scrapbooks, and other projects. Once you've created your personalized gift or heirloom, have it printed in our high-quality print facility and delivered to your door; or you can print your creation at home." What more could use ask for?! You can make your own holiday cards complete with family photo without ever having to go out into the cold! :)


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