12 Days of Christmas Gifts - Day 2

It's Day 2 of shopping, so you might think you have plenty of time before Christmas, but don't forget to calculate shipping time!

Day 2 - Lush Christmas Candy gift box

Sometimes Mike and I opt to just get a few things we really need (like the year we needed a refrigerator) and get each other little trinkets to fill the stockings. Whether you need a little gift for a co-worker or a bigger surprise for that special someone, Lush has the right gift. You might think you've enjoyed a nice shower or bath before, but until you've experienced Lush soap, you know nothing of squeaky clean relaxation! From bath bombs and bath salts to ultra smooth soaps to cosmetics to skin and hair care, Lush can provide the perfect bathing moment. Right now the shipping is free with every purchase over $75 and you get a free stocking stuffer with every $60 you spend. My kids like the "Honey I washed the kids" soap and I love the Butterball Bath Bombs.

Bonus Stampin' Up! Gift Idea: Sparkly & Bright Stamp Set

This too-cute set is easy on the eyes and on the wallet! Use it to decorate cards, gift tags, or make your own wrapping paper. There is a coordinating Jumbo Stampin' Round Wheel, too, that you can use to cover a large surface with a flurry of snowflakes in no time at all. Add some Dazzling Diamonds glitter and your friends and family will have to wear shades!


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