Yuck. To say the least.

Well, keeping the kids away from Mike did not make a bit of difference. Chloe started screaming about an hour into her nap and, well, let's just say I could smell what had happened before I got to her hall. Poor baby. At least she stayed in one place and there wasn't a puke trail. :)

It's 8pm and Bradley has been down for about 45 minutes, Chloe just nibbled on a couple of crackers without any adverse side effects, so I'm going to dash to the store to get some supplies for her for tomorrow. I *think* Mike can manage for an hour, right? Let's hope so!!!

Thank goodness my mom is close and can stay with her tomorrow!! I keep spraying that air sanitizer stuff, but I think we have tough cooties.

Keep us in your prayers - prayer is way stronger than Lysol!!! :D


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