So, there I was in just my underwear...

This evening I attended the first class of my graduate school career. I was a bit nervous, and grabbed a spiral, pen, and sticky pad on my way out the door from work. (I didn't get my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper with matching stickers and pen that has 4 inks in one.) After some introductions I was called to the board and asked to do a math problem. Me. Who hates math. Who for realio trulio has math anxiety. I had to do a math problem on the white board in front of the whole class, my professor, and Jesus. And then I died.

I did regain consciousness and thoroughly enjoyed the instructor, the conversation, and the rest of the class. I know it will be an amazing learning experience and an exciting way to begin grad school. Plus the professor told us we will all get A's.

When I'm done with grad school I'm totally going to Disney World.


LMBO--OH NOOOO!!! Well, you lived! Hurray! :) Ok, doing one math problem is nothing compared to MY college class. I HATE going up in front of a class as much as you obviously do. SO...I waited to sign up for the required speech class until I absolutely HAD to or I wouldn't graduate. WELL, just so happens at that "Christian" college, the only speech class left was for people studying to be MINISTERS!! I was only one of 2 women in the whole class and we had to be filmed on video doing 15-20 minutes "speeches" or sermons, and THEN, we had to watch those videos and critique ourselves on what we could do better and write a 200 words on THAT!, does that make you feel ANY better? LOL-

but your dramatic docudrama pulled me right in and I felt for ya!! You have a great way with words my friend. So, if math isn't your thing, what's your major?
Courtney said…
Oh my, I love the way your title totally captures the moment. Are you getting your graduate degree in professional writing! You should!!

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