Can he do it?

This is Bradley's Thomas the Train balloon from his October birthday party. As you can see, it amazingly still has enough air in it to keep it afloat. But, it has been living on our ceiling for a few months. Lately it has been slowly creeping out of the inaccessible corner in which it had been residing quietly, out of reach of any tool. (We have a 2-story open living room.)

This weekend it hovered over our stairs and Bradley decided he needed it. Now. Please, mama, please. I asked how we should get it... he said, "Get the ladder!" Now, I'm pretty brave, but not brave enough to balance the ladder on the stairs. So, we just let it float... Half hoping it would make its way to the game room upstairs, and half hoping it would just sink and be done with its mocking ways.

Earlier this afternoon we heard some crashing upstairs. Mike called for me and told me to bring my camera. (A command I never ignore!) Here is what we found:

Bradley was not able to reach - his arm was just a bit too short. But, after snapping the pictures I went upstairs and used his clever idea to rescue the balloon. Then, of course, I reminded Bradley to never ever use anything to climb to the half-wall. Yikes!!

After about 3 minutes of cherished Thomas-and-me time, Bradley accidentally let the balloon go, and it is in an unreachable corner once more. I supposed that's where it is happiest. And poor Bradley will just have to wait for the next opportunity to try his next clever idea.


=) LOL. Too funny, that's so great that you capture these things on camera!
Elaine said…
We used to have that problem too! Do you have a yardstick that you can add loop some tape onto? If you 'swirl' it around the ribbon, it comes back right where you need it....and yep I had to use a ladder too...but at least I wasn't on the top step!

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