An Orange Meal and an Awful Ordeal

Do you ever do Muffin Tin Meals? It's an easy and fun way to give the kids manageable portions of food. My kids always get a kick out of it. :)

The other day the kids and I did a muffin tin lunch (though we don't use "tin" - these silicone muffin cups work great and are super easy to clean). We decided to have a theme - and Chloe chose orange. We've got cheddar cheese, crackers, Italian dressing (for the carrots), peach yogurt, carrots, and orange segments. Simple to make, hits all the food groups, and (best of all) the kids always eat every bit!

Today, though, our lunch was MUCH less festive. Today Bradley had Sprite, soda crackers, and applesauce for lunch. I got a call from his day care provider at 9 this morning while I was at work. He was running a fever and had puked 5 times - and had shared the love with his friends. So, my sister rushed to get him since she was closer. I left work, called his doctor, and managed to get a 10:30 appointment. There wasn't time to go home to get him a change of clothes (and shoes. Eww.), so I stopped at Target and got him 2 outfits, shoes, Sprite, PowerAid, crackers, applesauce, and bananas.

He tested negative for the flu and for strep. They were concerned about this peanut butter salmonella thing, so if he shows some other symptoms (which I promise not to mention here) then I'll bring him in for a culture. Some other kids at his school have been sick, as have my sister's kids - so my bet is that it's just another dang virus.

Now I just have to keep him away from his sister. I think I'll go spray the house down with sanitizer. Thank goodness he's sleeping now! Poor little guy!


Oh sorry he's sick! I know what you mean about the peanutbutter scare. It's def. increased the anxiety level here although our main concern was the jars of pure peanutbutter (my oldest will only take PBJ to school, every day for the last 5 years!) but those don't seem to be a concern...just the snacks and diet things that have pb in them. ?? I HOPE!

Your Thomas card is SOOO CUTE, and you're right--the color is dead on! VERY CUTE idea to do a colored theme and use those silicone muffin tins. We have a couple of those too! :) Have a great weekend...well, as much as you can with a sick one. AND, it prolly won't can spray and spray but most of the time when one gets it, the other one follows. BUT, not always. Good luck!!
Heather P. said…
Love that you used muffin tins for your kids lunches... So creative! :)

I'm sorry to hear your son is sick... :( Keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing serious!

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