So busy!

Wow! It's just a bit over one week into summer break and I haven't had a moment's rest! I have some staff development this week (Mon-Wed) and more next week (just Wed). Chloe is going to a play group every Wednesday for kids who will all be in Kindergarten at the same school in the fall. We've been to the library once (not a complete success...oops). I'm working on several yard and house projects. I finally finished a HUGE scrapbooking project I've been working on since February (and I gave it away without taking pictures. I'm totally going to steal it back so I can document that I worked on it!!). I still have graduate school every Wednesday night. And I'm trying to get everything in place for Chloe's 5th birthday party, which is just 5 days away and still needs some major prep.


What about YOU? How is your summer going?


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